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Wellbeing Support

Supporting Our Families With Wellbeing


There's a lot of uncertainty in the world at the moment, and there won't always be answers to the questions your children are asking. But we can help you have these conversations in a safe and open way.


Don't forget that if you are finding things tough at the moment, we are here for you emotionally and would encourage you to contact our school office, even if it is just to chat to another adult.


What can I do at home?

  • Find time to talk, just you and your child.  'Check in' with them while you're doing things together so they get used to chatting about their feelings.
  • Play Together. Play helps use develop curiosity, learn new things, solve problems and express feeling without words.
  • Be A role Model, show how you cope with difficult feelings and look after yourself. 


The documents below should give you further advice and support in helping to deal with difficult times.