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Medical Room


If your child requires medication during school hours, please provide the main office with the necessary medication and fill out our 'yellow medical form' with the written instructions on how and when to administer it. Please get a copy of this form from the main office.


If your child needs any medical procedures, such as auto-injectors for allergies or conditions, we will again require the necessary medication, your written consent on a yellow medical form, as well as a copy of your child's care plan which can be obtained from their GP. 


We understand that administering of medication can be daunting, especially for a child, so we make sure that they are well informed and comfortable throughout the process. Our priority is always to ensure the health and safety of your child/ren while they are under our care.



NHS Bumped Head Advice

We want to share with you the importance of head injury awareness and what to do if your child experiences a head injury. We have attached a leaflet from the NHS below with detailed advice on what to do following a head bump. We highly recommend that you read through this leaflet and keep it for reference in case of an emergency.


As you know, head injuries can be serious, and it is important to be able to recognise the signs and symptoms of a potentially serious injury, even after the fact. Please remember it is important to monitor your child for the next 24 hours following a bump.

Encourage them to rest and avoid any activities that could cause another head injury, such as contact sports or heavy lifting. If they experience any of the listed symptoms during that time period, seek medical attention immediately.


We hope that you find the below leaflet helpful and informative. Please keep it for future reference and seek medical attention if you have any concerns about your child's health and well-being.